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When you give to AdventureServe, you are blessing three groups of people – the teams who come on trips, the community members who are helped and the staff members we equip to lead.

We minister to teams who join us from all over the country. Lessons are learned and participants become more likely to boldly serve. Every trip has a service component and community members are blessed. Those being served include rural homeowners, disaster victims, urban poor and residents near restored environments. Staff members mature as Christian leaders. It is our goal to train them to be exceptional at whatever they choose to do after working at AdventureServe.

As a nonprofit service organization, we are dependent upon generous individuals. Please prayerfully consider giving to our work. Below are some current areas of giving; you may request a preference of how your money is used.

Where it is Most Needed

This allows our leadership team to direct funds according to our overall mission.

Staff Partnership

Most staff members are expected to raise a portion of their salary. Your gift would supplement their modest stipend.

Camp Improvements

The Wilmore base camp is in need of physical improvements to better support the adventures and missions we guide.

Gear Fund

We always need some new gear for our adventure trips. Help some participants experience God through confronting nature by providing the gear for an adventure day.

Trip Sponsorship

If you know a team who is going on a trip, you can lower their costs by giving toward their trip. Or you may encourage a team who you’d like to join us by a sponsorship.


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