How We Do Missions

The service is real and the impact is lasting.  Why choose us?  Read on…

Not Your Normal Church Trip:

What sets us apart as a great choice?

  • Youth doing constructionFocus on YOUR group:  You will not be combined with other groups: this is about how your team can serve and grow.
  • Christ-Centered:  We are focused on God.  There is time for devos every morning, worship every evening, and we will keep our eyes open all day expecting God to show up.
  • Staff:  Your trip will have at least 2 staff partnering with you the whole trip, 24/7.  These staff walk with God and will be a blessing to your group.
  • Growth:  We are very intentional about transformation with emphases on community, spiritual growth, and leadership development.  For example, we empower the youth to be leaders, giving them real responsibility.
  • Adventure:  The lessons on a trip like this are too good to pass up.  We provide one day of adventure to help your group grasp lessons from a new perspective.  Activities to choose from include caving, rock climbing, rappelling, canoeing, hiking, and whitewater rafting.
  • 30 Years of experience:  We have been leading groups since 1981, and are so glad to be able to continue this legacy by working with groups like yours every year.

What Is Included In The Cost:

  • Staff:  Each trip includes at least 2 well trained staff.  By God’s grace, our staff are outstanding and will live as positive role models for everyone on your trip.
  • Food:  Our unique menu is delicious, fun, and easy to prepare.
  • Lodging Details:  If you are indoors, you will have a fully-stocked kitchen.  If camping, you will have all the gear you need like high-quality tents, camp stoves, and cookware.  Showers and plumbing promised for all trips other than Wilderness Adventure.
  • Devotional Material:  Our journals provide a great framework to challenge each person to grow in Christ, and to help make space for God to speak into our lives.
  • Adventure Activities:  Rock climbing, caving, canoeing, and hiking are covered by the per-person cost of your trip.  Additional fees apply for white water rafting and challenge courses.
  • Participant Insurance:  Each person is covered for $1000 sudden illness/$3000 Accident insurance for the duration of your time with us.  We don’t expect to need it, but it is good to know it is there!
  • Worksite and Activity Preparation:  We will plan and provide for every detail of the trip.

What People Say About Us:

“Make sure this is part of your student’s experience.  No student should graduate without attending at least once.  Most unifying experience we have had… ”
–Youth Leader, 2014

“This was one of the best, if not the best high school mission/service trips our students and leaders have been on.  We really appreciated the balance of service, devotional time, camp responsibilities, adventure, worship, and debriefing.” Youth Leader, 2014

“It’s not about you, but helping others, and through that you will also grow and make a whole new family that loves you.” – Student Participant, 2013

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Ask Us A Question:

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