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Asbury University Volunteer Class

On October 17th & 18th we had a group of Asbury University students volunteer on some local service projects with us! Stephanie Echeverry, one of our AmeriCorps members who coordinates community outreach opportunities, led the group in service around Wilmore and Lexington. On their first day, the group worked together at Lighthouse Ministries in downtown Lexington, cleaned up the yard of a local family in Wilmore, and helped with a meal pack-out for Church Under the Bridge to pass out meals to homeless individuals in downtown Lexington.

On the second day, the group did RAGS, “Random Acts of Grace & Service.” This is an activity where you start out with small resources and find ways to bless random people. The group had an hour and a half to do the acts of kindness in downtown Lexington. The students were reminded to be aware of how our resources, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they may be, can be a great blessing to those around us. The group really enjoyed this activity and the opportunity to bless others.

The Asbury group was from a Social Work class called “Encountering Poverty.” The main objective of the service time was to interact with individuals experiencing poverty. The students were able to have important conversations on how social work intersects with poverty while engaging with the people they served.

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