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Environmental Studies Class for Local Youth at ASM

In September, AdventureServe board member and environmental specialist Mary Miller taught a class on water purification to an Environmental Studies class from Wilmore Crossing Academy. The Academy is located a short walk away from ASM campgrounds in Wilmore! Jerri Hemenover, mother of an AdventureServe staffer, is the Assistant Director and teaches electives at the school, including the Environmental Studies class. This class is an enhanced elective that meets twice a week for 6th to 12th graders. The enhanced elective courses offer the space to create an extended time of hands-on, sustainability-focused learning. In their first 3 weeks of class, they focused on learning about our local watershed. Next, they will be learning about their carbon footprint. Coming up in October, they will help Mary Miller plant some saplings on ASM campgrounds! We are so grateful for their support in preserving the nature on our property.

Mary Miller has contributed greatly to our ministry by serving on our AdventureServe board and assisting with our camp's natural environment. She has connected us with many resources and helped maintain our stream and camp grounds for healthy environmental improvements which have been very beneficial to the environment! She has also been a great educator for different groups that have come to volunteer on camp, or learn more about the environment, such as the class from Wilmore Crossing Academy. You will often see Mary on camp with a garden tool in hand and her small dog, Sassafras, by her side as she works on our campgrounds. We are so grateful for your time and service Mary Miller!

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