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Funding the Fees

We are kicking off a new fundraising campaign! Due to 2020 program cancellations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need your support to continue serving participants like the young people in the photos below. While we have reduced our usual trip programming, we plan to accomplish camp improvements and a few community projects this summer. The impact of the coronavirus has been difficult for everyone and though it has created many great challenges, we are seeing God at work. We have had many generous donors support us during this difficult time and we have received some federal aid. God is in control despite the uncertainty we may all feel in this strange season and we are eager to continue serving Him! Many of us are having to adjust our expectations as restrictions and cautionary measures are put into place for safe interaction with people.

Our "Funding the Fees" campaign serves to maintain our ministry capacity for future mission trip programs, camp improvements, and community service projects. We have had to cancel programs through June but we are still planning on adventure and service experiences in July within the allowable guidelines. Participant fees for mission trips are a critical source of our income and having full participant attendance enables us to meet annual organizational needs. As a result of having to cancel so many mission trips this summer, we are missing an important income source. Our objective is to make up for this loss by fundraising for the equivalent of 100 participant fees. Please consider donating a participant fee ($300) to reach our goal! These fees will help us weather the storm of this year and build capacity for 2021! Donations can be made as a one-time gift or over multiple months. Click the image above to donate to the cause and stay updated on our website to track our progress!

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