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Kudzai NyaKudzi (goes by “Kudzi”) is a third year AdventureServe staff member. We asked him to share a bit of his story: “I’m from a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. I grew up really involved in sports and wilderness activities which was very formative for me and shaped the person I am now. My parents are teachers and leaders in our church so our home was centered around faith. In 2013, I went to a week-long youth conference and that was when my faith became my own. I got more involved with church and grew in my walk with God. I did plays, children ministry, worked in the lighting department, and did anything that kept me around the church. 

“I never envisioned doing anything big when I was younger. I never thought I would end up in America. Where I’m from, few people leave the country so it was hard to imagine anything else. I studied sports management at an exercise academy for a few years but dropped out because I couldn't afford it. The gym where I coached was near an airport and I used to watch planes fly overhead. I took a picture of a plane and saved it as my lock screen. I prayed someday to have the chance to go and serve in another country. Then an opportunity came up for a work and travel summer (with an international program ASM recruits from). But it was so expensive to even start the process let alone pay for travel! I started praying and believing that God had everything under control and if He wanted me to go, it would happen. And God provided everything!” 

In his role at AdventureServe, Kudzi shared, “I’ve grown in leadership, responsibility, and humility. I’ve learned to be humble on trips I was leading. It can be tempting to take charge and delegate volunteers to do everything or go in with an attitude of ‘I’m going to give everything and show people how things should be done.’ Instead, it’s important to listen and watch. You will make more of an impact with a posture to learn and receive. God showed me that we are never too big or important to serve.” Kudzi explained that “I had 3 different possibilities in America but I chose AdventureServe because it was the only Christian camp that felt personally important to me. It wasn't the biggest or most glamorous camp but I sensed it was where I should be heading. I loved what it was about, going out and serving people, not just traveling and having fun, but serving. I’ve seen the importance of the work we do and how necessary it is. God has shown me areas that He has gifted me in. I have been able to interact with people easily, speak at congregations, and teach. I don't know exactly what those gifts will look like in the future, but those are the gifts that God has given me to serve the world.”

ASM helped Kudzi receive a temporary visa to intern since 2018, representing ASM at conferences and churches plus assisting with off season programs and projects. We have now applied for a Religious Worker Visa and hope it will be approved. This will require that Kudzi raises financial support. We have been so blessed to have Kudzi as part of the ASM family! A local school mentoring program said of Kudzi, “he is a faithful servant to the body of Christ with a heart for people and the expansion of God's kingdom. He is one of those individuals that immediately changes the atmosphere of any room he walks into, for the better. People are naturally drawn to the anointing that is clearly present in his life.”

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