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HR Trip Covered by Jessamine Journal

In mid-July, we had the opportunity to build a ramp and new set of stairs for a local homeowner in Wilmore in partnership with Great Commission Fellowship. On July 13th-16th, AdventureServe developed this project with the help of a few local volunteers from GCF, a vineyard church in Wilmore. Homeowners Phil and Marilyn Estes have lived in Wilmore for several years. Due to respiratory health concerns, Marilyn is considered very high risk to that point that her husband, Phil, has had to live elsewhere for the time being to avoid the spread of COVID. The stairs on their back deck were unstable and a hazard to Marilyn so we were eager to partner with GCF in order to fund this project.  

Randy Patrick of the Jessamine Journal came out to our work site on Wednesday, July 15th to do an article on our service project. Randy met with our director Andy Bathje, Jason Duncan (Great Commission Fellowship Pastor), and Lee Ann Williams (Great Commission Fellowship Outreach Pastor). As Randy asked questions about the project, Andy, Jason, and Lee Ann reflected on the partnerships that have resulted from COVID-19. Despite the chaos of the pandemic, some positive things have resulted and brought people together. Many communities and organizations have pooled their resources and energies together to assist one another and those around them! For instance, we are grateful for a partnership with GCF which allowed us to repair the Estes’ home. In addition, we are also grateful for the partnership with FEMA which allowed us to donate thousands of masks! 

Our staff and apprentices along with some local volunteers worked Monday through Thursday to repair the deck, build a ramp, and build a new set of stairs! Phil Estes expressed his gratitude, detailing the relief of not having to worry about safety on their back deck. “Thank you for the work that you all do, it’s amazing,” Phil said. We were so excited for the opportunity to serve the Estes! You can read the article from the Jessamine Journal by clicking the image above!

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