Volunteers working on deckIf you are on a team volunteering for a mission trip, please see the Trips or Students pages.

If you want to help our organization on a regular basis or you have a group to serve for a few hours at our camp, here are a few ways you can plug in:

Local Volunteer Groups: We often get calls from college and youth groups who are looking for a place to serve and there’s always something to get done. Tasks might include landscape work, painting, light construction or cleaning out spaces. Our staff will guide your team in a way that gives a brief taste of our trip programming. Even two hours can be effective at getting to know one another, putting Faith into action and getting something accomplished!

Individual Volunteers: You may have the skills to meet a need for our ministry. Please consider giving time toward the “behind the scenes” operations and camp maintenance that supports our programs. We have had volunteers assist us with computer work, landscaping, construction projects and database records. As a nonprofit with a limited budget, we get excited when volunteers support our mission. Just connect with us and we can determine how you might fit in.

Ready to come help? Shoot us an email and we’ll set up a time for you or your group to come by. Thanks!