Who We Are

What We Do

We guide short-term missions and adventure trips throughout Appalachia. We serve community members in need, inspire participants to grow, and train young adults in leadership.

Mission Statement

AdventureServe Ministries seeks to create a Christ-centered community and encourage growth through confrontational experiences with God, self, others, and nature.

About Our Name

We are AdventureServe Ministries because we tailor each trip with the right balance of service and adventure. We believe that serving others is an adventure; it is filled with challenges and endless rewards. As we serve others our faith in Jesus Christ, the ultimate model of sacrificial service, is strengthened. We also believe taking adventures requires faith and creates poignant metaphors for the Christian life. Successful adventures are dependent upon everyone developing a servant heart for the greatest outcome. It is our hope that our trips prepare people to be servant leaders.

What We Believe

We work with groups and employ staff from many Christian traditions. We seek unity in affirming the the apostle’s creed. By using this creed, we can be assured that our core beliefs are located directly within the “trunk” of Christianity. Our staff members are encouraged to have a strong faith and live this out in a context of love. We train our staff to be firm on these core truths and to exercise charity and compassion in all situations.

Our emphasis is on developing a supportive Christian community and encouraging a lifestyle that flows from a Christian worldview. We develop a structure for participants to be disciples of Jesus while being respectful to the specific theological system of the group.