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We at AdventureServe believe in and are committed to the growth of today’s youth through confrontational experiences with God, self, others, and nature. In 2017 we launched our Apprenticeship Program, offering High School students a unique way of engaging in the ASM mission. As crucial members of the AdventureServe team, apprentices are required to work hard, gain skills, and have fun as they support summer programs alongside our staff. If you are a High School student looking for an adventure this summer and are ready for hard work and leadership responsibilities, the Apprenticeship program is for you!

Who It’s For

We are looking for self-motivated, hardworking, adventure seeking High School students

(Rising 9th Grade - Graduated 12th Grade) to join the Apprenticeship Program this summer.

Anyone serving on the AdventureServe team needs to be teachable, reliable, and committed.

Before committing, you should know that the Apprenticeship is a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.

What Apprentices Do

Apprentices are a crucial part of the AdventureServe team during the busy summer months. They work behind the scenes around camp to make sure that all facilities, equipment, and supplies are ready to go. They also support groups out in the field on various wilderness activities and home repair projects. The apprentice job description is diverse: they do everything from laundry and trash collection to belaying rock climbers and finishing a tin roof installation.

Apprentice Training

Because apprentices are relied on so heavily in our organization, a certain degree of training is required. Apprentices receive training during the first week of the program (May 21st-25th) and on the job training thereafter. Training sessions are led by experienced ASM staff and cover skills pertaining to Leadership, Communication, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Canoeing, Home Repair, Camp Maintenance, etc.

Dates & Time Requirements

The program officially begins on Monday May 29th and concludes on Friday August 4th, spanning 11 weeks. To allow for flexibility in your summer schedule (i.e. summer vacation), we do not require that apprentices serve all consecutive weeks. But, this program at its heart, has always been as strong as what both sides put into it. ASM takes time out of its busy summer to train and develop youth and the youth take time out of their busy summer to serve and grow.

Weekly Service Schedule

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10am-4pm are the primary apprentice “on camp” service times each week. We ask that you try to complete the bulk of your service hours during these times. Thursdays and Fridays from 8am to 6pm are the primary apprentice “off camp” service times each week. Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-12pm will also be times you can volunteer “on camp”, as we support incoming and outgoing groups. 

Apprentices may want to serve in addition to the minimum requirement, which is fantastic! While we ask that apprentices begin the program by serving primarily during the designated times, as the summer progresses we can coordinate with each apprentice to meet their desired service-learning goals.


There is no cost, and there is no compensation. However, apprentices are encouraged to reach out to friends and family to raise support for their service. For every dollar raised, 75% goes toward a monetary stipend for the apprentice (25% goes toward covering ASM administration cost).

Next Steps

If you have any questions about the Apprenticeship Program or the application process feel free to call our office (859-858-0140) or email us (

If you are ready to apply for the Apprenticeship Program, you can do so by clicking the button below. After submitting your application, an AdventureServe staff member will contact you for an interview. After the interview, we will either offer you or not offer you a position in the program, and wait for your acceptance or denial. Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later.

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