At this point, June and July 2020 overnight trips are canceled. However, we will continue to schedule and run day programming such as Adventure Club Day Camp. We will continue to assess new developments in the ongoing pandemic, and will hopefully be able to do broader programming in the fall. If you have questions about your program in July or later in the year please contact us.

As you can imagine, COVID - 19 has significantly impacted AdventureServe Ministries. All spring retreats and programs were canceled. On May 4, we made the difficult decision to cancel June programs due to Kentucky guidelines, and we have now decided to cancel all July trips as well. We are currently making physical camp improvements and necessary protocol changes for running our day programming.

Fortunately, we have been blessed by God’s providence through generous donors and federal relief programs in this time. If you are in a position to give to AdventureServe, we welcome contributions toward weathering this storm now and in the months to come. We pray for those suffering worldwide in sickness, economic hardship, and isolation. May we all receive the Holy Spirit’s presence and greater wisdom amongst these trials.


- Andy Bathje, Executive Director