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First Christian Church of Versailles, KY


Darcy Rai of First Christian Church in Versailles, KY has brought her upper elementary aged kids the last two summers on ASM trips. The ages of the kids range from coming out of 2nd to 5th grade. “These kids are young and not very experienced with service projects. AdventureServe helped them grow by challenging them with situations that were new and a bit scary, like caving for example. They were nervous at first, but grew in confidence and excitement as they explored. The kids also grew in their faith. AdventureServe provided them with the space to be intentional and set aside time for solo devotions. This time spent with God is so special! 

“Both years we did R.A.G.S. with the kids. With the use of one dollar and simple instructions to show God's love, the kids decided amongst themselves and came up with ideas of how they could bless people. It was so cool to see the kids pitch in and think of sweet ways to reach out to strangers. Some of them bought ice cream for strangers and others passed out candles as a reminder of Jesus’ light and love for everyone. This was such a cool way to see God lead through young children!”

When asked why Darcy has chosen AdventureServe’s trips over other organizations and opportunities, she said, “I believe in ASM’s mission and their approach of using adventure activities to help kids grow. It is great that AdventureServe is close to us and in the area and I believe in what y’all are doing, I think it’s wonderful.” Darcy explained that her long term goal for her kids at First Christian Church is to “see them grow into having their OWN personal relationship with Jesus. That’s what matters more than anything. In the summers I really try to share that with everyone helping plan the trip- that more than anything this is something that helps the kids grow in their faith.” The programs that we offer at AdventureServe are focused exactly on that: growing faith in action in each participant so that they can grow closer to God and to those around them through their own understanding and connection. 

Although most of our groups’ participants are youth age, we also work with younger kids (such as Darcy’s group) or participants spanning any age range. We strive to cater to the needs of each group and meet the participants where they are developmentally. We work hard to reach goals each group leader has for their group! If you are interested in signing up for our programming, you can go to our website to see our options for a day, 3 day, or week long trip at

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